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What magenta red there is in the photo is concentrated in the middle; the edges are even more green. A few months ago, I noticed that the pictures it printed started looking washed out. I tried changing the magenta cartridge, for all photos seemed to have a green cast. That did absolutely nothing.

Gadgets today and yesterday report

Gillette's exam we wrote about your understanding of human communication. I am posting my exam for my fellow classmates and future CICS grads to read. Four different topics will be discussed. The first two topics involve one on one communication with feedback and without feedback.

The last two topics involve one to many communication with feedback and without feedback. This discussion will conclude with a chart. In communication, there are many aspects to study and understand. I want to discuss the way people communicate with each other and how that communication changes depending on the speaker and the audience.

The two main areas I plan to cover are communication between two people and communication between many people.

Gadgets today and yesterday report

People communicate differently depending on what is being said, and to whom it is being spoken. One on One Communication: I define one on one as any communication that is not intended to be consumed by Gadgets today and yesterday report audience.

On occasion, we do hear as an audience, one on one communication and it is beautiful work that we may never have known. I will discuss communication with and without feedback.

Let us talk about communication with feedback for now.

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Almost always, one on one communication with feedback takes the form of conversation. Also, there are extra cues available in a conversation, such as body language, that help convey information faster. Body language is not a requirement for a conversation i. When speaking to only one other person, I believe information is transferred faster.

This is due to a more personalized message that transfers more information faster.

Gadgets Today and Yesterday Report

In one on one communication, however, you feel at ease and refer to one individual. One on one communication without feedback is a more difficult idea, and therefore, a more difficult explanation.

Imagine you needed to pass information to someone but could get no feedback. You would have to imagine issues that might arise, while the second person reads the information. Therefore, you must give more content than in a feedback conversation.

Some examples of no feedback one on one information transfers are: A very good, no feedback message should still make the reader feel as if they are being spoken to directly. In the diary of Anne Frank, she writes as if no one will ever read what she has written.

Yet, anyone who reads the book comes away with the feeling that she wrote her diary with them in mind.

It takes very good writing for her to convey such a beautiful message over so much time. In general, I theorize that it takes twice as much information to convey a message with no feedback versus one that does utilize feedback.

One to Many Communication: In one to many communication, I will discuss the same two points as before with feedback and without feedbackbut with the understanding that we have a speaker and an audience. With the use of technology we can send our information to more people than ever before, and in more and more cases, feedback is becoming a major part of the way we communicate through technology.

Regarding one to many communication with feedback, consider the example of a manager speaking to his employees. Audiences that give feedback may need less information from the speaker because he or she can tie up loose ends after receiving feedback from an audience. Feedback means faster message transfer.

Without modern technology, one to many communication without feedback would be very difficult. A great example of this is broadcast news.

Because there is no feedback and the audience is so large, they must give much more information to transfer the message. Some people have great vision and can transfer their idea to others quickly. Yet, he could understand what people wanted and delivered. Creating a great message in one to many communication with little or no feedback mean that you must understand your audience very well, or give lots of extra information.The incident took place at Saru Section road in the city yesterday when Reeva Jadeja’s BMW car allegedly hit Ahir’s bike after which the constable attacked her, officials said.

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